Nutrition Services

Nutritional Therapy 

Over our lifetime, the food we eat, our environment, genetics and lifestyle can all play a part in influencing the function of our body.

Nutritional Therapy uses a scientific and holistic approach to help identify the underlying causes, risk factors and triggers for a wide range of health issues. It works together with individuals to create personalised and evidence-based nutrition approaches for optimal health and wellbeing.

Consultations are suitable for children and adults with more information about what to expect here. 


Cooking Workshops

Jigsaw Nutrition offers cookery workshops to parents, schools and families to support a wide range of nutrition topics including but not limited to dairy free and gluten free cooking, family cooking on a budget, healthy snacks & lunchboxes, weaning, fussy eaters and student survival.

Jigsaw Nutrition believes dietary and lifestyle recommendations should be realistic for busy family life and appealing to both children and adults. Cookery workshops are a great way to bring nutritional guidance to life. See some recent workshops here.

Educational Services

Jigsaw Nutrition offers bespoke educational talks and learning workshops for nurseries, schools, businesses and communities. As a BANT registered Nutritionist and previous Primary

School Teacher, information is accessible, practical, and based on credible nutritional research. See some examples of recent workshops here.

Nutrient Review

Jigsaw Nutrition offers a dietary analysis and nutrient review service to identify potential areas of nutrient deficiency or excess. This is a particularly useful service to support and reassure those with certain dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans or gluten free families or those embarking on physical training programs.