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Fussy Eaters

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Tips to encourage fussy eaters - Help is at hand!

If you have fussy eater's on your hands please don't despair! We have put together a helpful tip list that will hopefully support and gently encourage your children to broaden their tastes and try a wider range of healthy foods.

Remember that fussy stages are normal.

Involve your child in food buying and food preparation - many of the Jigsaw Nutrition recipes are designed to do just that!

Make food fun - think about the presentation and colour.

Repeat offerings - evidence shows that it can take up to 15 times before children accept certain foods.

Serve small portions of new foods at the same time as foods they like.

Praise and encourage for giving new foods a try - try the Jigsaw Nutrition sticker charts (coming soon) and see how many Eat the Rainbow fruit and vegetables you can try in a week!

Introduce your child to as many different foods as you can, as early as you can - remember though it is never too late!

Hide your frustrations and praise positively when they try new foods, however small.

Rewards can be motivational - make these non food related such as playing a favourite games after dinner or extra long bath time etc.

Make food interactive and fun- recipes are aimed at the whole family to join in with!

Learn where food comes from - Story books or a day out at the local farm really help excite children about food.

Be a good role model and eat the food you want your children to eat, together.

Sneak in veggies into recipes by cutting/grating small.

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